Thursday, 28 January 2010

Not only photographers but dogs too...

[Image - I'm A Photographer, Not A Terrorist by Adrian Toll]

Following my previous post announcing PHNATs Mass Photo Gathering last Saturday, I thought it was about time I provided an update. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend but thankfully there has been a respectable amount of press coverage: BBC, Guardian and Amateur Photographer. Encouraging reports suggest that over 2000 professional and amateur photographers were in attendance. Oh, and don't forget the dog!

[Image - I am a dog not a terrorist by Helen Duffett]

Aside from a very minor disagreement reported between a PCSO and a young woman just after noon, the protest seems to have passed peacefully. Spirits were no doubt raised by the attendance of several colourful and unusual characters including The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

[Image - The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence by Loz Flowers]

The event clearly provided a great opportunity for photographers from a range of backgrounds to get together and mingle in a public place. This is a rarity and can only help efforts to build a more general awareness about s44 and related issues. In this regard the protest was a definate success. However, more events are required in order to encourage the government to reasses current anti-terror legislation. Hopefully I'll catch you at the next.

Many thanks to Loz Flowers, Helen Duffett and Adrian Toll for agreeing to allow use of their excellent photos under Creative Commons licences. More photos can be found on Flickr's Mass Photo Gathering Group.

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