Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Power of Paper and Glue - Use art to turn the world INSIDE OUT

Recently I've been interested in fly-posting and the uses of media that might otherwise be considered outmoded. In this TED talk from 2011 French artist JR discusses 'the power of paper and glue' in the context of his previous art projects. Having started out as a graffiti writer on the streets and roof tops of Paris the artist now describes works with poster-sized, black and white photographic prints, which he posts in public places where they are likely to achieve the most social impact.

The discussion above ends with his proposal for a global participatory art project called INSIDE OUT which is now underway. Submit a photographic portrait of yourself or someone you care about to JR via the project website, he'll then help you share it with the world by sending you back a full size poster.

Here's JR's own glue recipe to help get you started:

The rest is up to you...

Via Lens Culture

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