Monday, 29 March 2010

Exhibition Update...

I'm extremely pleased to announce that our forthcoming group exhibition Transparency and the City: Public Spaces or Forgotten Places? will be hosted by the Alan Baxter gallery in Farringdon as part of their program of events for the London Festival of Architecture 2010.

I'm also very excited to announce a new addition to our group of exhibitors. Come June we will be joined by filmmaker and blogger Bradley L. Garrett who will be exhibiting a series of works focusing on the practice of Urban Exploration. In his own words:

- Urban Exploration: Behind The Scene -
Urban Exploration, Behind the Scene is a collaborative work by Bradley L. Garrett, John Dodd, Laura Brown, Marc Explo, Alistair Sean William Costello, Chris Reinstadtler, Arron Fulker and Danny Pack, a group of urban explorers from London and Paris.
The exhibit will consist of a video installation and 14 photographs depicting infiltrated urban infrastructure, derelict places and artistic play in decaying buildings. The exhibit seeks to break apart city spectacle into the realm of the embodied by exposing the wiring behind urban façade, questioning our suppositions about the role of disused and underused urban space. The installation will showcase video footage and photographs from seemingly inaccessible places that will confront assumptions about what is and isn’t possible in the city and disrupt notions that urban life is necessarily utilitarian or impossibly overcontrolled.
Urban exploration is a modern movement which challenges boundaries to locate unconventional spaces for adventurous encounter where sensual tactile sensations and heightened bodily chemical reactions dwell. What is left behind from our transgressive mobilities are just traces, ghostly whispers in playful shadows. These intangible geographical imaginations will coalesce for just moments, long enough to haunt the London Festival of Architecture, and then blend back into the night.
Bradley is currently researching a PhD thesis at Royal Holloway, University of London, entitled 'Place Hacking: tales of urban exploration'. 

Details of the other contributors involved can be found here.

The exhibition will run from Monday 21st of June to Friday 2nd of July. Following a private view on the opening evening viewings are to be arranged by appointment. For more information please contact:

Jon Spencer
07967 079 150

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  1. Nice one mate! You have done so much in so little time! BIG props to you and the rest of the gang! Let me know when you and the rest of them will be there, il come down.