Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Week of Links (20/02/10 - 26/02/10)

I thought I'd start with a photo by Flickr user Tubb who uploaded several cracking shots this week. I couldn't help feeling that there was something dreamlike and surreal about this shot. It's amusing that the cage steals the show from the landscape. I also like the way the low angle makes it look as though the city has been flooded...which leads us perfectly to our first link:
Around London:
God's eye views of the Olympics:
Surveillance (near enough unbelievable what's been reported this week):
Architecture and Infrastructure:
    Art & Photography:
    • Kim Høltermand - Awe inspiring photography in the second instalment of this new series of interviews with architectural photographers - Archinect
    • Urban Legends - Writing and street photography by The Flaneurbanite, a fellow explorer of the Metropolis - via Londonist
    • Sodom & Gomorrah - Infamous biblical cities re-envisioned as an "amusement park for visionaries" by Italian artist Alessandro Bavari  - via WebUrbanist
    Finally some Fun Stuff:

    I hope you enjoyed the links. Please let me know if you have any comments. Many thanks to Flickr user Tubb for licensing use of their photography with Creative Commons.

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